Sunday, June 21, 2009

Victoria Half Iron

My goal today was to beat 5hrs in the Victoria Half Iron. I haven't been able to train much since my last race so I wasn't really expecting to be able to hit the target but I hung on to finish today in 4:59:24. Yep I had a whole 35 seconds to spare. Not bad! I even kept my pace up until the 12km mark of the run, then things went sideways for the next 8kms. It was a struggle to stay under the 5 hour mark but I'm happy that I did it.

Tammy raced today as well in the Sprint category and was 5th female overall (3rd in her age-group). She was done her awards ceremony before I was 1/2 way through my run.

More details to come later. Right now I need some recovery, sleep and I want bacon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend training + nap

It was a great weekend of training:

3 hr Bike followed with a 20 min run, then massage

1:20 Run, and an extra few minutes on the cross bike. After which I promptly fell asleep watching "Back to the Future 2" and woke up during "Back to the Future 3".

I've learned how to turn my bike computer (Garmin Edge 705) into a "Virtual Partner". What that means is I program in the bike ride that I'm about to do and estimate my average speed. While I ride the course the computer will tell me if I am ahead or behind the "Virtual Partner", and by how far. And if I think I'm winning to easily, the "virtual partner" gets a reset at certain points along the ride (puts me behind ~500 meters) and I've got to work it to catch back up. It really hurt when the virtual partner reset with 2 kms left into an 86 km ride on Saturday. But I can say that I won the sprint to the line! Got him by 15 meters. Man did that hurt!

I'm a geek, get used to it.