Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hurricane Ridge - Canada Day

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than by leaving the country and cycling in Washington State? Today was the annual Hurricane Ridge climb/race that many Victoria area cyclists take part in. This was my first time participating in the event. The instructions are simple:
1. Get up very early
2. Ride to Victoria's inner harbour
3. Get on the 6:10am Coho ferry to Port Angeles (Washington)
4. Get through customs
5. Regroup and start to climb out of Port Angeles towards the Hurricane Ridge roadway
6. Pay $5 US to enter the park
7. Regroup and start the race! (Or just ride for those that can't climb like Lance Armstrong)
8. Ride to the top at 1,600m (~5200 ft) elevation
9. Look at the senery
10. Ride down and catch the 12:45 Coho ferry back to Victoria
11. Get through customs
12. Ride home
13. Relax

It was a great day and there was probably close to 70 cyclists on the ferry today.

See this link for pictures that I took during the ride.

Heather, these are for your benefit (I warned you that I am a geek):

Solid heart rate all the way up, only a couple of dips when I stopped to take some photos.

Top speed of 74km/hr on the descent and super low heart rate.

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