Sunday, November 8, 2009

Silverman Racing Highlights

Unofficial/Approximate Splits for Chad (Results still not posted)

Chad's Swim Time this morning: 57:xx min

Bike Time from Grueling Course: 7:20 (yes, 7 hrs and 20 minutes)

Run Course (Hills): 4:16

Total Time: 12:38

Chad is in great spirits and is extremely happy to be done, but says that "Silverman" is the hardest race he has ever experienced. He says he felt smashed 20 miles into the bike course (and apparently the only flat part of the whole race course was the swim. Yes, the transitions are even on hills) No idea as to age group or overall placing yet. Polished silver medal is extremely cool. Awards are tomorrow at breakfast 9:00 am.

More pictures and race report to follow from Chad tomorrow - for now he is about to have a cold one and re-hash this epic day!!!! Cheers, Tammy

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