Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long Run

Usually I complete a long run on Sunday, and this Sunday called for a 2hr run. I woke up Sunday morning and looked outside at all the rain and mist and called it off for the day. I thought if it looks better at 2-3pm, I could still run today. Then Tammy and I spent the day cleaning and organizing the house. Ellie got herself a long overdue bath. When we both train for an IronMan distance race, these simple household tasks don't happen with regular frequency. At 3pm the sun came out, but I wasn't in the right mindset to do a 2hr run. We both decided that we would complete our long run on Monday.

Completing the long run on Monday means that I have to run after work. I prepared my running gear and set it out to take to work (I work right beside a fantastic trail, The Galloping Goose). First I swam with Masters in the morning (3km, 1:15). Then off to work. After work I quickly changed, moved my car passed the locked gate, and set off on my run. With my MP3 player in my ears the run felt quick and smooth. Time passed by quickly. After 45mins it was noticeably darker than when I started.

I turned around at the hour, and had to turn on my headlamp for the entire trip home. Where I was running there are very few houses, or lights. I started thinking about bears and cougars and my pace quickened. With about 40 minutes remaining it was very surreal running in a dark fog along a former railway. My headlamp showed me where the trail was and kept me from running into the trees that lined the trail. The fog that drifted in prevented me from seeing more than 10 feet in front of me so I slowed my pace slightly to allow for quick changes in my path. I finished my run in 2:00:36 and loved every second of it.

I could do without the worry of bears and cougars in the dark though.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Overdue post

I'm not meaning to ignore this blog.
It's just that little countdown timer over here ---------->>>>
It keeps informing me how many days I have left before I need to be 100% ready to race.

It was a fantastic day here today. +10 and sunny.

Today we rode 4 1/2 hours with some serious hill climbing/sprints (110km total distance), followed it up with a painfully slow 25 min run. I was feeling the effects of the hill climbing. Then had a couple of quick PB&J sandwiches. Showered, and off to massage. After massage, we swam in a very cold pool for another hour before we were both cramped up and I wasn't able to keep my head above the water.

This was a tough day. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep.