Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time Zone Difference

Many have asked what time will it be here when we are racing in Australia next weekend.

The race starts at 6:45am on March 28th (Sunday), Australian Eastern Time. That means for everyone in BC we will be starting at 12:45pm (Pacific Standard Time), March 27th (Saturday).

Statistically I have completed my best Ironman races around 11 hours, so if you log onto at ~11:45pm on Saturday night I should be near the finish. No guarantees though.

For those triathletes that go to bed early on a Saturday night, I will try to finish as fast as possible so you can watch the race online and still get in your required sleep. Otherwise you will have to log on in the morning to see the results. I will also post the results of the future lotto numbers so everyone following this blog can get rich. It would be greatly appreciated if you would share your lotto winnings with me.

I'm not 100% sure what the coverage of the race will be like on race day, but I won't need to find out since I'll be preoccupied trying to stay ahead of Tammy.

Ironman Australia Web Site:

Possible link to Race day coverage:

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Anonymous said...

Good luck guys - knock em dead.

The Elderfield's