Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Commute

This was my commute today.

Since this would be my first trip in Vancouver since the Olympics I was excited to check out the "eternal" flame.  However, I arrived this morning and found this:

No flame!
There was a sign stating... improvements...blah blah... relight on July 1st....

Still it was a pretty cool commute today!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

* EDIT* New Coffee Maker .... Capresso CoffeeTEAM TS

It's been ordered.  I hope it arrives soon.  Instant coffee is not cutting it.

We searched everywhere, and found nothing in the stores that we were happy with.  We ended up reading countless number of coffee review websites and have found a coffee maker that didn't have any cons, and was highly recommended by every website we could find.  It's a Capresso CoffeeTeam TS.
 Now we wait.....

Yes, this is different than the previous one.  But it was a discontinued model with zero left in stock...

We broke down last night and got ourselves a Bodum Coffee Press to fill the time gap until the coffee maker arrives.  It takes a little time to make a cup of coffee, but it is so much better than that instant coffee.  We made a few pots of coffee throughout the day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Hunt Continues....

Starbuck Aroma Grande Coffe Maker
December 2004 - April 24, 2010
After a full 2 days of searching we are still unable to find a suitable replacement for our beloved coffee machine.  We were tempted by a Saeco esspresso maker.  But she seemed a little too expensive.

We are looking for these qualities in our coffee maker:

  • 12 cup capacity (we love coffee)
  • thermal carafe (no more burnt coffee)
  • removable water reservoir (for easy fill-ups at the tap)
  • programmable clock (coffee is ready before we wake up)


Within a week our microwave door won't open, our bedroom TV isn't working right, and most recently our coffee maker died.  The most devastating electronic device to quit was by far the coffee maker!  We have had that coffee maker for 6 years.  We ordered replacement parts for it 3 years ago (new carafe, lid, and water reservoir).  It appears that the water pump stopped working and I can't order new parts, or even take it apart without destroying the body of the coffee machine.  We will miss you coffee machine...  Until we find a replacement we are stuck trying to enjoy instant coffee.  It's truly not the same.  

Any recommendations out there for coffee machines?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tammy's Race Report from IM OZ

Just a brief re-cap from race day:

Official Race Result: 25th W40-44
Swim: 1:12 - 25th
Bike: 6:57 - 24th
Run: 5:14 - 25th

Was very happy with the swim because hadn't been able to swim a 1:12 since 2003 and worked hard in the pool this year. But having said that, the swim itself was extremely rough and aggressive. Unfortunately got caught up against one of the buoys coming around the first lap that was fixed on top of a concrete pillar of some kind. Tried to claw my way out but in the process got very cut up on my hands and feet due to what I assume were barnacles of some kind on the surface. I now have a large scar down the back of my right leg (which I have been showing to everyone) and now like to think of it as my official Ironman tattoo! Thankfully I was eventually lifted up and pushed forward by a very large and strong looking Australian woman to whom I am very grateful. (I have since posted a note to the race officials suggesting an inflatable ring around the concrete for next year).

Bike started out okay and after the first lap I was on pace for six hours. The ocean scenery and landscape were just breathtaking - it is a beautiful course. Unfortunately my 30 km per hour pace became 23 km per hour as the winds, heat and humidity increased and by the last lap I was begging for mercy, slogging it out at 14 km per hour into the head wind. I found the bike course to be extremely hard and very hilly. The good thing was that at least it was hard for everyone (except evidently for our team-mate Greg who had a great day out there!) By the time the run came around I was basically just in survival mode and sort of did a run walk until it cooled down enough to be able to actually run. The run course was also very challenging with a large hill that you had to run up and down three times. There was quite alot of hoopla on the course as Tony Abbott, (leader of the opposition in Australia) was doing the race. This was a very big deal in Australia and there were alot of media on the course following his day (he was about 30 minutes behind me and generated a huge crowd).

I have to admit that the support and enthusiasm from the town rivaled Penticton and the crowd support on the day was amazing. They made everyone feel like rock stars and you could always hear the crowd - even on the out-and-back section. The race has now been sold to the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) and next year it will be held in May so it will not be as hot or humid and apparently they are changing the course as well. However, they are also going to have a 70.3 race on the same day so I'm not sure how that will all pan out. To date this was the hardest Ironman that I have completed so far and hopefully good training for "Silverman" in November.

Oh ya, forgot to mention that Chad and I got to meet Greg and Laura Bennet at the airport on our way home from Sydney which was pretty cool!
War Wounds

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We have now arrived home. We left Sydney 2:45pm on April 13th and landed in Victoria at 5:30pm on April 13th. There were a few snags on the trip home (my luggage was pulled when I was wait-listed for an upgraded seat in San Fransisco and we missed our Vancouver-Victoria flight by 1 minute due due my luggage not arriving), but we are happy to be home. I'm hopefully that my luggage and bike arrive today.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Internet is spotty for us while we travel. I will post an update about our race, but for now enjoy this slideshow of our photo's.