Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ellie's Super Tongue

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Back into the routine

Little Ellie has now been with us for just over 5 weeks. She now has settled into the routines here and is very happy with us. When she first came home with us it was noticeable that she was not used to going for walks. During our early walks she only wanted to walk on pavement, never grass, grass made her nervous. And you had to watch her since she was a very quick pee and poop girl, especially in strange places (middle of crosswalks for a Number 2 happened a few times in front of cars). Now she lives for walking on grass and has learned that we won't scold her if she needs to do her business by taking 10 seconds to sniff first. She's been great with having company over and just loves the attention that people want to give her. When people come over I have to warn them that she's a "licker". Not just any ordinary licker either. When she is happy she will lick the air within 3 feet of your body constantly until she has made contact with any sort of exposed skin. She has been during this for so long that her tongue is super-long and has super strength, we actually believe that she is part Gecko.

Aside from Ellie coming into our lives, our own routines are starting to form again. I am making a push to get back in shape. And Tammy is already tackling the Island Road Running Race series (every 2 weeks there is a race). Work is also going well for both of us. We feel really settled into our new pad in Oak Bay and our place is now rented out.

I am getting ready to tackle a group ride this AM. I will be on my cylco-cross bike with wide knobby tires trying to stay with the fast HPR group. I already know that I will be hurting towards the end of the ride. All these early season rides on this heavy beast of a bike should pay off when it comes to riding my fast Cervelo in races.

Thats all for now.