Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lee Evans - Cycling

Yuri Gallegos

I'm sure that I've seen this type of runner before.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


It was bound to happen, I am sick this week. It started Thursday with a sore throat and a general body ache. Last week there seemed to be numerous people away from work sick but when they returned they didn't seem very healthy. The last couple of days of training have been a write-off as I want to get better. I've been taking Vitamins and Zinc lozenges like crazy. Today I feel good enough to train again and we are planning an aerobic ride (3-4hrs). Hopefully I can bounce back for the next build week.

My scooter cost me 5 litres of gas (~$6) to drive a very fast 200km. How cool is that! That works out to 40km/litre. It can be a little cool in the morning when driving the 30 minutes from the pool to work (having damp hair really fogs up the helmet visor). I really enjoy the drive home after work, the weather is usually warmer and I can leave the rain/wind pants under the seat.

I'm off to prepare for the ride. I can't wait till summer so I don't have to spend an hour getting ready for a cold wet ride.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

MP3 Player

Anyone know how to fix a RCA Lyra (RD2217) MP3 player? I think mine is toast, basically it won't turn on anymore (yes I've tried new batteries).

Saturday Ride

Some rides you think are not going to happen, other rides let you know that it will not happen. Todays 4 hour ride started at 10am at the Starbucks in Broadmead. I hadn't been on my winter bike for 2 weeks and had forgotten that I needed a new rear cassette (my new chain wasn't meshing well with the old worn down cassette). I rode it like this 2 weeks ago and promised myself after that ride that I was going to deal with it before I needed to ride this bike again. Since I didn't take care of it and I wasn't about to bring a different bike into the wet winter conditions I knew that I could ride in a couple of gears and be fine as long as it wasn't a hilly route or a tempo effort. Yeah, the route was going to be hilly (this is Victoria after all). Sure enough every time I go uphill my chain is dancing around the cassette but is still allowing me to make forward movement through the group. About an hour into the ride I get a flat tire. I fix the flat and fumble with the CO2 cartridge and I way under-inflate it. I decided to get going to catch the group waiting for me. The tire feels good, a little sloppy but hey I already can't shift so whats a little low pressure going to do to me? I find the group waiting for me and one minute into the pace I blew a spoke (same rear wheel). Yep, that was it! Ride was over and I U-turned and rode home very slowly.

It was just one of those rides!

Since then I have swapped a wheelset and tires around and replaced my worn cassette with a new one (8-speed is so cheap compared to 10-speed parts). That rear wheel is in the shop and will become a backup wheel when I pick it up next week.

I hope tomorrows run goes ok. I better check my shoes.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Finished the last workout of the day on the rollers. Took a little a while to get used to those things again. I thought I would end up on the ground about 30 times in the first minute, but I started to get smoother and stayed upright for the entire workout. Rollers add that little bit of extra to an aerobic spin session (the fear of falling) .

Tomorrows training is early (like always), at Crystal around 6:00am for weights and a treadmill run. Then off to work, and more core when I get home.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Scooter pics


I hit 77km/hr on a flat stretch of road. This little scooter can move!