Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I figured I would update this blog from it's Florida existence to our life in Victoria. We successfully imported our Suzuki XL7 into Canada and it is now licensed in BC. I started work at Schneider Electric in Victoria. And Tammy has started her private practice Koala Consulting. We moved into our house a couple of months ago and couldn't be happier with it. Right now Tammy and I have decided that we will be getting a scooter for a second vehicle. We need something that won't cost much or take up room in our driveway, a scooter seems to fit the bill. I will mostly be using it to get to work and back (approx 14km, 16 min, one way). Here is a link to the scooter that I think we will be getting on the weekend. It has enough power to keep a decent speed on hills so I won't be slowing traffic down. Apparently it is even legal to ride on the Highway as it does hit speeds of 80km/h (90km/h on a downhill).

We started our training program for IronMan Austria (when will the madness end?). And the training is going really well. Mike has us doing weights twice a week and I'm sure that I can feel a difference while biking. Our first week into the program just about floored us, since we did nearly zero training after Florida. We are now into week 3 and starting to feel like our aerobic systems have come around.

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