Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dogs adopting Humans?

For about a year Tam and I have been pondering adopting a dog into our lives. And recently we became more interested in actually getting one. Especially after seeing a friends 6 year old Havanese - Lhasa Apso mix. He seemed like the perfect dog for us. Hypo-allergenic (non-shedding), small, playful, intelligent, quiet and fun.

Today I was looking on-line and found a 3 year old Havenese - Lhasa Apso on the Island that is looking for a new home. She is 3 years old and was found on the street with her puppies. All of her puppies have found a home except for her. She is currently with a foster home that is looking after her. It's important to us that we not get a dog from a pet store but rather one that needs a home.

So while we are waiting to hear back about the adoption process we took a stroll through Oak Bay Village in the snow. Seemingly out of nowhere a Bichon/Havenese dog came strolling by (off leash) and we were enjoying her company for a few blocks. She kept on making sure that we were watching her and trotted along. The dog was attentive to us and only crossed the streets when we started too. She was just loving the fresh snowfall and was bounding up and down the sidewalk. I even joked and hoped to Tammy that I think we've just adopted a dog.

We assumed that her owner was walking just behind us, however the "owner" never called the dog to return and the "owner" turned around at an intersection. When this happened we both knew that the dog was loose and wandering the streets. We took a look at the dogs collar and found some phone numbers to call and another pedestrian with a cell phone came over to help call the owners. It turned out she lived nearby, in fact as soon as a passing couple heard her name was Zoe they realized that this dog was their close neighbour. They volunteered to take Zoe to her owners (The owners were an older couple that hadn't yet realized that Zoe was loose).

Anyways it was a strange coincidence that this all happened today. We are waiting to hear back about the dog that we found online today. Maybe this is a good omen? I think we were adopted today? Trial run?

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