Sunday, October 7, 2012

Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon

Well this year Chad raced the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon along with 5,000 other people! 
Daphne and I were out on the course cheering on Chad, Eddie, Team-Mates and Friends.
Ed is the most relaxed pre-race athlete I've ever met.  Fifteen minutes before race start....sipping coffee and cracking jokes about Daphne.....   :)
Not sure how to get this picure the right way, but you get the idea...... Chad running & smiling with 4 km to go....
The Boys at the end!  Congrats to all our buds who took part in the 8km, 1/2 marathon and marathon today!!!


Wendy Irene said...

I love the smiling running picture because it reminded me that when I am exercising I really need to smile. I think that would make any exercise more fun. Have a great week guys!

Adrian Walton said...

Congratulations Chad. Great to see you keeping the running going. How did it compare to the half in Oak Bay a couple of weeks ago? A few more people this time?