Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It's now officially the offseason, 4 cheeseburgers in 4 consecutive days. I'm starting to worry I'll have to buy new clothes if this trend continues.

We have been traveling around Florida since our race and have visited Orlando for a few days (Seaworld, Universal, DisneyWorlds Epcot and Animal Kingdom). Seaworld and Universal parks were great. We were quite disappointed with Disneyworld though, way too many rude people, horrible food selections (nothing healthy), and Disney seems to be getting outdated and rundown compared to Universal theme parks. After Orlando we watched the 70.3 World Championship (November 10) race in Clearwater and cheered on Monique and Carl. Since then we have traveled into the Florida Keys, Key Largo for one night and now it's been 3 days in Key West.

Key West has been interesting, it's the only place where I get looked at more than Tammy, by the men (and it's not because I have cheeseburger bits on my face). I seem to be safe if I am right next to Tammy. As soon as she's 5 feet away it's like I'm 'fresh meat' on the market, and guys are trying to sell me male thongs. I'm kinda relieved to be leaving this place today.
Here Tammy is pointing at a popular bar in Florida, Hog's Breath Saloon. Coming from Penticton we remember Hog's Breath Coffee and can't help but wonder who had the name first.

We are traveling again today up to Fort Lauderdale, then onto Daytona Beach before heading back to Panama City Beach.

We are starting to map out our route from Panama City Beach back up to Canada (Yes we are driving). It's going to be a long trip but we are going to try to make short driving days so we don't wear ourselves out. So far our plan is to hug the Southern part of USA and then drive up the California, Oregon, and Washington coastlines. If anyone has a suggestion of a neat place along the way to stop into, let us know.

I've gotta get packing.

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kelly said...

Check out Yachats, Neskowin, or Rockaway Beach along the Oregon Coast. They're all quaint little seaside villages where you won't be looked upon as fresh man meat by the local dudes.