Thursday, November 1, 2007

We've Moved

To our new location closer to the race site. We are in a 1 bedroom studio suite that we used for the Gulf Coast Half in May. It's small, but very convenient to the race site. The transition area is right below us, so on race day we can get our body marking done, check our bikes and gear, then we can run up to the room to finish our breakfast and put our wetsuits on. The best draw to staying here is we won't have to wait in any toliet lineup in transition, we can use our own.

Today we swam a bit of the swim course, I managed one lap (it's two laps on race day) with some stops, sightseeing, and a few jellyfish stings. Today's swim conditions were excellent, with very little swells/waves and a mild current running parallel to shore.

Here's some pic's that Tammy took while I was getting ready.
And here's two showing the view from our new place.

850-233-8039 (new phone number) -- phone isn't working

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Ali & Dad / Den said...

ALI IS HOME (in Victoria Apartment). We were chatting about you two and your race, and were hoping there would be update information on your website. WELL DONE ... ITS ALL HERE!


We will be following along.

Ali, Dad / Den
(ps. Can't believe you can use your own toilets at the Ironman site. You also got someone doing the race for you too?