Saturday, February 16, 2008


It was bound to happen, I am sick this week. It started Thursday with a sore throat and a general body ache. Last week there seemed to be numerous people away from work sick but when they returned they didn't seem very healthy. The last couple of days of training have been a write-off as I want to get better. I've been taking Vitamins and Zinc lozenges like crazy. Today I feel good enough to train again and we are planning an aerobic ride (3-4hrs). Hopefully I can bounce back for the next build week.

My scooter cost me 5 litres of gas (~$6) to drive a very fast 200km. How cool is that! That works out to 40km/litre. It can be a little cool in the morning when driving the 30 minutes from the pool to work (having damp hair really fogs up the helmet visor). I really enjoy the drive home after work, the weather is usually warmer and I can leave the rain/wind pants under the seat.

I'm off to prepare for the ride. I can't wait till summer so I don't have to spend an hour getting ready for a cold wet ride.


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