Sunday, April 20, 2008

End of Recovery Week

Tonight marks the end of another recovery week. Tomorrow morning is the start of a new build week for Ironman racing. I hope the weather will improve this next week.

Tammy raced the Sooke Sprint distance triathlon this morning. I went as support and helped her be prepared for today's race. I rode the bike route 30 minutes previous to the first racer being on the course. Near the end of the 20km ride there were lots of volunteers running to get into position to direct me on the route. I smiled and told them that, "I am not in the race", they always seemed very relieved to hear that. After I got back I let Tammy know a few tips that I would use for racing the bike route. I like to think that she used my tips as she had a stellar day today. She finished 2nd in her age category and had a personal best 5k run split, not bad for having biked 20km of hills and swimming 700m in a pool first!

Here are two shots of the bionic woman in action.
Awesome Performance!

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