Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vomit effort

Yesterday I got home from work and I knew the bike workout that coach had sent me had said, "vomit effort". I was actually looking forward to this, I must like seeing just how much pain I inflict on myself. The plan was a 30 min warm up with 9 x 2 min above threshold (at vomit effort) with 3 min recovery between and a 15 min cool down. I geared up and headed out the door. During the workout I found it was really difficult to get into a vomit effort within 2 minutes. The first minute my heart rate is trying to play catchup and the last minute is over with so quickly it's only like 15 seconds of vomit effort. It was pretty neat to constantly see over 42km/hr on the speedometer when I was pushing the gears. At one point of the ride it showed over 62km/hr, of course this was a huge downhill that was during a vomit effort. The 3 minutes recovery was considerably slower when I had to climb back up.

We are heading to Florida's Gulf Coast Triathlon (Half-Iron distance, 2km swim, 90km bike, 21.1km run) within a week now. Race day is May 10th. We both did this race last year and I have some high expectations for this years race. Last year Tam was injured and she was forced to walk-run the race, and I was doing great until the heat of the day made me melt at mile 4 of the run where it turned into more of a walk than a run. This year we are staying out of the injury arena and should do well this year. The weather here has quite cooperated with given us warm temperatures to train in. But we will do our best.

Here is the race website, where you can look up our results after the race.

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