Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pump prices and sports injuries

Having a scooter is awesome, and it's only getting better. It used to cost me $7.xx to fill from empty, now it's broken the $8 mark. Yeah I'm still laughing at the pumps... Of course our SUV fill-up aren't much fun.

That $8 fill up takes only a couple of minutes and will get me 300km of driving. With prices expected to only ever go up, it's amazing how many more scooters and motorcycles I am seeing on the roads within the last two weeks. Also people driving their SUV's to work in the morning seem to actually be doing the speed limit now. Before it seemed that they couldn't wait to get around me when I would drive 65km/hr in a 50km/hr zone.

On the training front, things haven't been going to plan. Last Friday during an open water swim at Thetis lake I was swimming well and was nearly back to the beach on my 1st of 2 laps around the big island. When I suddenly felt a massive calf cramp. Normally I can swim through these cramps, just let it tighten up and it will loosen it's grip soon enough. This cramp was different, it stopped me dead in the water and it was painful. I eventually made my way back to the beach and then drove home thinking that it was still a bad cramp. It stayed with me until midday on Monday. I am certain that it was/is a calf strain, as the bruising showed up Tuesday morning. Since then I have done a fair bit of rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE) to help my recovery. I am going to ride the bike today for the first time since it happened and if that goes well I will run on Sunday.

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