Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making a Disc wheel

A disc wheel is always a faster wheel than any aero-spoked wheel. How about a aero-spoke wheel with a home-made wheel cover? I created this in about 2 hours this afternoon. I have to fix the way I taped it to my wheel with some double sided clear tape, but that is all that I have left to do on this project. A real disc wheel will cost approx $1000 for a new one or $300-500 for a used one. I already have my deep HED Jet 90 and I don't feel the need to spend more for a disc. So I spent about $8.99 on a sheet of velvet matte 0.020" plastic, and viola, instant disc. I've tested it on the trainer and I have had no problems, tomorrow I will ride it outside to see how it handles. If it tests well tomorrow I will be riding it in Austria.

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