Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vegas - Day 2

Here we are, ready to start the morning in Vegas. First we started to explore the rest of the Lake Las Vegas Resort.

We noticed this warning, stating that the maximum number of swimmers allowed in the lake is 75. Then we discovered that the sign is for this pond:

This is tiny! If you had 75 people in this water, there wouldn't be any place to actually swim.

So we decided to drive to the Henderson Multigenerational center and swim in the competition pool. It was definitely worth the $2 admission. A 50 metre, outdoor, saline pool!

After a few laps of the pool it was time for a quick lunch, then back to the Henderson Multigenerational Center to register for Silverman.

I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. No line-ups, no problems, no stress.

Coming out the registration I was handed a backpack loaded with free swag! This is an awesome race!

Swag contents:
Baseball cap
Running visor
water bottle
collapsible water bottle
Hammer gel and bar
$10 card for
Silverman playing cards (This is Vegas after all)
Plus others...

Then some shopping at the Whole Foods Market before coming back to the resort and getting ready for a quick bike ride.

This was a great day...

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