Sunday, April 3, 2011

Play Date

Ellie had a special play date Saturday evening on her walk.   Her boyfriend, Rocko, was able to come out and join us.

Ellie typically doesn't care much for other dogs that we come across, usually just wants a quick sniff and then walks away.  However, the day that she came across Rocko it was a different story.  She just want's him to pay attention to her, she will run circles around him, swat at his face, and other doggie related stuff.  Rocko on the other hand, pretends to not be interested and this only urges Ellie to be more persistent with her behaviour.  It is absolutely comical to watch as Ellie runs a circle around him, then runs up to his face only to swat it and then run another circle.  


Wendy Irene said...

What a cute couple! <3

Julesmaui said...

Ellie and I met Rocko when I took her for a walk last Fall. Glad to see they still like each other.