Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sidney Velo 18km TT - August 2

Back a few training days ago, Monique, Pam & I decided to test our time trial cycling speed at a small local race. The race is held every Tuesday night (in the summer) and costs $2 to enter. It is a Time Trial start, meaning that one person leaves the starting area every minute. You then ride as fast as you can around a 9km course for 2 laps (18km total distance). I went out thinking that by some outside chance I might be able to ride a 28:30, that would be over a minute faster than my time nearly 3 months before. My actual finish time at the line was 28:28. I wish I was wearing a Heart Rate monitor just to prove how long I can ride at 200 beats per minute.

Pam starting her TT:

Monique about to rock it:I'm not sure what is going on behind me (the starter looks more tense than I do):

Trying not to fall over from a standing start:

I was determined not to let this dude catch me, but he almost did (some of these guys are FAST!):
Trying to breathe:
Yep my heart rate is very high:
Pam is suffering through it, or checking to make sure her rear wheel isn't flat:
Monique is all smiles (she lives for the pain of racing):
The winner of the race:
I'm convinced that this person is a robot (there are wires from their head to the bike):

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Tamara said...

Looks like so much fun! Way to rock it guys!!