Saturday, September 15, 2007


So today's run wasn't looking good to me. I started out well, but with all the asphalt running we have been doing here my shins let me know that they have had enough. I returned to the condo after 40 mins. Tammy came in a while later from having an awesome run. She then cheerfully said to me, "Why don't you bike the course today?" I told her, "I don't like you." Then I quickly got my bike gear and water bottles from yesterday's disaster ride. I was out the door ten minutes later at 10am. It was going to be a hot ride. Tammy drove support and was everywhere on the course that I needed her to be. She drove through the plague of lovebugs that have overtaken Florida (these things are everywhere). While I could only close my mouth and be glad to be wearing sunglasses.

As the day got hotter, and I got faster with the headwind out of the way, I stopped for my special needs nutrition and some extra sunblock. A kilometer later I figured out that I was leaking air from a puncture that I repaired last Thursday. It was a busted tire, and without a spare tire I hoped in the car and we drove on back home. It was a bit of a disappointing couple of days with the rainstorm, shin splints and busted tire. But it was still a hard day of training. Tomorrow Tammy is riding the course and I am driving support.


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