Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week Update

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated this blog. Not much exciting has happened this week. It's been normal in terms of training. Coach Mike has recommended that since I've been having some shins issues while running that I spend some extra time on the bike. Since I've not been running, my calves have loosened up considerably while using the TP Roller, The Stick, Compression Socks and icing. All this extra time on the bike has unfortunately led to getting more flat tires though. It seems that since we started riding here we have two flat tires a week. There is a lot of tiny broken glass on the roads here. It really is a party town. Especially this week with Thunder Rally (the Harley Biker Week) going on. It's cool seeing all these bikes in the parking lots and streets but it's starting to wear on me at 1 am when all you can hear is these Harley's on the strip. We've bought some new Michelin bike tires with greater puncture resistance online for a great price at (I just couldn't believe the prices from this website, it took only about 4 business days to receive the order). I've already had a flat with these tires, but the tire didn't shred itself to pieces like the original Vittoria tires had.

We've spent a good amount of time at the beach this week and Tammy's started calling me the sandman with the amount of sand that I track into the condo.

This week and next week are probably are busiest in terms of training hours, we are focusing on getting through these build weeks and probably won't have much to report for another week.


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