Sunday, September 23, 2007

There is blown and then there is really blown

As the subject line has it, today was a really blown apart day. The schedule called for a 3:30 bike with a 15 minute run. Well yesterday I ran 20 minutes until my shins stopped me. I'm not risking running further than I have to right now so I already decided that I won't be doing the 15 minute run today. We rolled out just after 8:00am this morning, and it was hot and humid, within an hour Tammy and I were both drenched in sweat from an aerobic effort. With about an hour left in the ride the rise in temperature hit me hard, and my perceived effort and heart rate went up dramatically. Tammy came by and I clung to her wheel (draft zone) like a fat kid on a smartie. After that effort I ate some food, napped, and played in the surf. I am off to do some stretching and self massage to my calves (the source of my shin problems).


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