Friday, May 9, 2008

Florida again

The trip to Florida was good overall, I flew into Seattle then to Memphis and finally Panama City. My longest flight to Memphis was a rough flight, it was jam packed with no availability to upgrade to 1st class. I find Northwest flights to be the worst. There are no extras on the flight (no food, no TV, no in-flight music headphones, no blankets), if you want snacks you have to pay $3 or $5 for garbage junk food. The seats are very close together and the staff seem to be very harsh and lazy. One stewardess seemed to be on break for our 4 hour flight.

So now we are here again in Florida. The temperature is nice outside, not too hot but definitely very warm. The wind has been blowing steady for at least a couple of days. The bikes are assembled and are working beautifully.

The gulf water looks pretty rough and is keeping a lot of swimmers out of the water. We are heading down to the water for a quick swim shortly. It should be interesting.

Tam's race starts at 6:25AM and I get to start at 6:50AM.

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