Wednesday, October 10, 2007

23 days to go...

This last week has been rather interesting. I am getting really good at changing flat tires. I had 6 flats on my bike this last week, Tammy had none. A couple of flats were on the new HED race wheels and the rest were on the standard training wheels. I broke a saddle bag, and lost extra CO2's due to the rough roads on the course (HWY 388 is not smooth). Tammy even lost an arm-pad on her aerobars from going to fast.

I managed to get nearly zero flats when riding around Victoria these last few years, so I guess it's all starting to catch up with me now.

We've managed to by-pass the ocean swims for pool swim as there is a bad case of red-tide in the water. The gulf water temperatures are still really high at 83-86 degrees Fahrenheit. It needs to drop to 78 degrees Fahrenheit for a wetsuit legal swim. So it looks like it might become a wetsuit-less swim. With that in mind we ordered some speed-suits that are will be legal for any water temperature. We've been hearing a lot about the new speed-suits and the advantage that it could give someone versus swimming without one (no wetsuit). I think that they will even come in handy for our ocean swims, when the red-tide is gone, because it's just too warm for wetsuits and the jellies are still out there waiting to sting.

I sure miss the hills and smooth, glass-free roads. I've got to go and inspect my tires, I may have flatted again.


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