Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Swimming with the Jellies

It seems that every time we venture out into the gulf for an open water swim we can only make it about 2 minutes before we've wrapped a jellyfish around our wrists, ankles or any exposed skin in the water. They don't sting really bad, but they do sting enough to leave some bumps on the skin for a couple of hours. These jellyfish are so translucent that we can't see them before we hit them. With that in mind we thought we might try to swim in the very warm waters with our wetsuits on. Tammy's new zoot wetsuit arrived a couple of days ago (mine just arrived last night). It didn't feel too hot with the wetsuits on but it was definitely warm. Tammy felt great in her new suit, it is amazing how the technology has changed in 5 years (since we got our last wetsuits). The wetsuits protected us a bit from the jellyfish but they still find the pieces of exposed skin.

I talked with a local triathlete this morning at the pool, he mentioned that the Gulf has been unusually warm and has an excessive amount of jellyfish recently.

You should see the strange looks we get from the tourists and locals on the beach when we put our wetsuits on. They think we are crazy and I am starting to believe them.


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