Thursday, October 25, 2007

8 days to go...

So we are now down to 8 days till race day and the weather here is very different from when we first arrived. Yesterday was very cold, the temperature never reached above 19 degrees Celsius. Today and for the next few days it is projected to get increasing warmer, up to highs of 27 degrees Celsius (still a lot cooler than we are now used too). We are in taper mode (very easy and light training) that really helps settle the anxiety that builds before the race. Tammy and I are feeling ready to race, but we have to wait another week which is killing me. I think I am driving Tammy crazy, she seems to tolerate it well. I need to go buy some more books and magazines for the next few days (Anyone have any recommendations?). Yesterday we bought a couple of DVD's to watch as we try to relax next week. One movie is "Peaceful Warrior" which I am excited about as it's based on the "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" book (it's a great inspirational book series by Dan Millman).

The outdoor pool is starting to get busy. Tammy and I both had our own lanes, but we saw about 3 lanes with double occupancy (now thats busy for this pool). There was a friendly German team training with a coach on deck. They also had a few people training in their wetsuits in the pool. During the week we have also noticed a few more triathletes on bikes, so it's starting to happen.

Oh and we believe the red tide is now gone, as with the sharks, however we still can't get in the Gulf waters. There are double red flags along the beach which mean absolutely no swimming allowed. We think it should calm down enough for a Saturday morning swim though.


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