Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ironman Hawaii Today

Today is Ironman Hawaii. I'm sitting here cursing as we have a slow connection so we are having trouble watching the live coverage.

Well the temperatures have finally dropped enough so we aren't drenched in sweat anymore. That is great news for myself (Tammy does better in hotter temperatures so she's not as happy). We had a flat and fast 3 hour ride with a 20min run this morning. When we started our bike ride we were riding against the flow of a sprint distance triathlon. It was great to see there are other triathletes around here, even if they are sprint distance athletes.

Some interesting observations, out of around 150 athletes:
3 rode fat tire mountain bikes
2 rode skinny tire mountain bikes with aerobars
2 had their helmet on backwards
2 people rode dics (both were behind a "backward helmet" rider)
2 people rode beach cruisers
only 1 person yelled at us to tell us, "You are doing awesome!" Everyone else gave us a puzzled look and a smile, they were happy that they were ahead of the two cyclists on Cervelo P3C's.

Now it's time to get back to watching ironmanlive.

Oh yeah, best of all, we had zero flat tires today! Score!


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Anonymous said...

2 people rode dics - ok what does that mean? It sounds kinda rude..CC