Sunday, October 28, 2007

I got Crabbed

This picture shows a blue crab and a cannonball Jelly, both of which we saw during our hour long swim in the gulf. Though we didn't see this exact image of a crab stealing a free ride. We are very aware after yesterday's swim about watching the sandy bottom for stingrays (we didn't see any today), I had stopped to observe a cannonball Jelly swim. They are about the size of a softball and strangely feel like a softball on the round head (I alway thought it would be squishy). We decided to move on and continue the swim, so when I pushed off the sandy bottom I immediately felt something sharp on my foot. During my "freak out" I looked back at what got me, and saw a blue crab scurrying away back to hide in the sand. The little bugger had clawed my big toe. It hurt for a good 20 minutes, and hurt my ego pretty good too. Tammy thought it was funny, but, I noticed that she never put her feet down after that.

Other than my crab encounter, the rest of the training went well. I tried a quick run in my compression socks (I'm thinking about racing with them). I noticed they helped to minimize my shin issues during the run, so I might have just race with them. I'm sure it looks odd, but once I start passing people on the run it won't look so weird.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time in the race on Sat. # 416 and # 2355 Sorry that I will not be there to cheer and make signs for both of you.

krista said...

In regards to the compression stockings... it seems to be all the rage this season... you'll be just fine!